Pasternak and Ivinskaya (Feltrinelli, Milan, 2020)

Smugglers, Rebels, Pirates in Chinese edition

The last post concerning my activities (excluding research posts) on the Zhivago front dates from March 2019 so it is time to bring my readers up to date.

First of all, I would like to mention that Smugglers, Rebels and Pirates (Hoover Press, 2015) is now available in an elegant Chinese translation that appeared in 2018: Ri wa ge yi sheng chu ban ji, Guangxi Normal University Press, Nanning. The graphic work is excellent.

The text also contains an appendix on first editions of Doctor Zhivago in Chinese. As these editions are not often to be seen by Western readers, I add pictures of the covers below.


In fall 2019 the Franco-German TV channel ARTE showed the documentary by the gifted Georgian director Nino Kirtadze titled Je vous invite à mon exécution: Dossier Docteur Jivago.

Poster for Nino Kirtadze’s documentary

It was also shown at the Leipzig Film Festival. The documentary was produced by Pumpernickel films.

I think the outcome is splendid. It is evocative, informative, and rich in texture. I reported in a previous post on working with Nino for this documentary. For more information on Nino and the documentary see here.


On March 19, 2020, the Italian translation of Zhivago’s Secret Journey (Hoover Press, Stanford, 2016) and Moscow has Ears Everywhere (Hoover Press, Stanford, 2019) will be out in a single volume titled Pasternak e Ivinskaja. Il viaggio segreto di Zivago. The publisher is Feltrinelli, Milan.

Pasternak e Ivinskaja. Il viaggio segreto di Zivago, Feltrinelli, Milan, 2020

The volume also includes a translation of the article “The hunt for the seventh typescript” that was described in a previous post. So, all my work on Doctor Zhivago is now available also in Italian language.

            I would like to take this opportunity to mention two more publications that might be of interest to Pasternak aficionados.

The first is a book that came out in 2016 in Moscow titled Moskva Borisa Pasternaka v sobytiyah i litsah: Albom-katalog (Москва Бориса Пастернака в событиях и лицах. Альбом-каталог). It is the catalogue of an exhibit on Pasternak and it is beautifully illustrated. The editors are N.A. Gromova and A.E. Rudnik.

Moskva Borisa Pasternaka, 2016

The book is on sale at

Finally, last but not least,

From the forthcoming Projet Bermuda 12, copyright by Michel Montheillet

I have been in touch with the talented French graphic designer, Michel Montheillet. Michel contacted me a few weeks ago and sent me 8 beautiful pages retelling Pasternak’s struggle over the publication of Doctor Zhivago that will appear at the end of May/beginning of June in the graphic novel volume Projet Bermuda 12 by Expé Éditions. I like his work very much and I encourage you to keep an eye out for the publication of this new number of Projet Bermuda.

From the forthcoming Projet Bermuda 12, copyright by Michel Montheillet

With Michel’s permission, I include the above two drawings.